Pre-Orders for PPE and infection control items


Germicidal and PPE manufacturers have transitioned to "War Mode" production levels to respond to the huge increase in demand and those efforts are already producing reductions in lead times to ship. 

Demand for germicidal and PPE (face mask, gowns, gloves & eye protection) supplies have outpaced production capabilities for the past six months even though manufacturers are producing at record levels.  This will continue to be the situation into 2021 until production catches up with demand and preorders. 

Worldwide medical exam glove production is the most challenged and exam glove shortages could easily continue well into 2021.  

We are begining to see in stock PPE and we are replacing preorder items with in stock items.  Preorders are filled, FOPFOS (First Order Placed, First Order Shipped).   We recommend to pre-plan your usage needs and preorder all these items many weeks before you need them.   3M is shipping more mask than any of our manufacturers.  

Lead times for germicidal and PPE (face mask, gowns, gloves & eye protection) supplies have significantly been reduced since the pandemic began but manufacturers are still not providing lead times, there are still too many variables.  We cannot provide a lead time on preorder germicidal and PPE items but when we notify customers that their pre-ordered germicidal and or PPE products shipped, they are grateful they placed their order when they did.  Most of the time they place another order for future needs.  

We hope current Covid-19 hot spots continue to flatten and pandemic supplies begin to robustly flow and are readily available for quick ship on our online store. 

We want to set proper expectations on your preorder.  Preorders must be paid for when the order is placed and cannot be canceled, returned and are not refundable, no exceptions.  During the US National Emergency, preordered items are subject to retroactive manufacturer price increases, primarily exam gloves.  These price increases are rare and unprecedented but are justified and are not an attempt to “price gouge”.  State Surgical Supply operates on extremely low profit margins to be an online low-price leader.  The increases in retroactive prices have been predominantly modest and easily acceptable.  Manufactures have adjusted cost and we believe most all retroactive price increases are behind us.   If your preordered items are subject to a rare retroactive price increase you will be provided the opportunity to cancel the preordered items for a full refund or you can keep your order in place by agreeing to pay the additional cost.

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