Request a Quote

Request a Quote

We ship with a packing list only, pricing is never displayed on any shipping documents.  We only ship within the US. 

Our international customers utilize a US freight forwarder or pick up the order or container at one of our warehouses. 

Please send an email with the subject line of: "Requesting quote"   with the information listed below to: Ken Thomas at

I need the following information to provide the lowest cost quote on any large or potential orders.  If you provide all the information requested below, you can expect the quote within a day.  If needed informaton is not provided, we will contact you to request the missing information.

  1. Your name:
  2. What are the brand and Item numbers or re-order numbers of the items you are seeking?
  3. Do you want us to quote an "equal" if available?
  4. What unit of measure are you seeking? ie; case, box, each...
  5. What quantity of the unit of measure are you seeking?
  6. What is the US ship to zip code?
  7. Can the ship to location accept dock to dock pallet shipments?
  8. What is your Quote response deadline?