Q: Are you Sales tax exempt?

If so, Email or Fax us your sales tax exemption certificate and we will set your account as sales tax exempt for future purchases and refund the Sales Tax we charged on your most recently placed order.

Fax: 479-549-3692 or Email: incomingFax@StateSurgicalSupply.com

Q: The case is out of stock, can I order a case of boxes instead?

A: During the 2020 Pandemic, please no.  If we do not have a case in stock then we have fewer boxes than a case.  We are almost out of stock on that item and we have less than a case in stock.  Please contact us to ask by way of online chat or call to see how many boxes we have in stock so we can ship your order complete.

Q: What does CS, EA, BX and PK at the end of the item number mean?

A: CS is a Case, EA is Each, BX is Box and PK is Pack. For example: 162200 BX and 162200 CS are for the same glove but one item is a box of gloves and the other is a case of gloves.

Q: Why can't I enter my credit card payment information, it is greyed out? 

A: Usually a quick solution is to select "Change Address" below your address information then save again by selecting the "APPLY".  You will then be able to select your method of payment.

Q: Why is my order being declined with a 15005 error code? 

A: Most declined order have an error code 15005; this error means the transaction has been declined by your card issuer. Please try with a different card (using the same card will likely lead to rejection again)

Q: Why is my order being declined with a invalid check sum error code? 

A: If you received an invalid checksum error, you may have typed the credit card number incorrectly or selected the wrong type of credit card.  Please verify the card type and re-enter the credit card information.

Q: Are there large order discounts?

A: Yes, for shipments we can ship on a pallet are large enough order to extend further discounts.  Some heavy / bulky / Inexpensive items may not be eligible for further discounts.  We can quickly determine if your order will be eligible for further discounts.  Please call us for a case-by-case evaluation.

Q: Can I bill my FedEx or UPS account for shipping?

A: Yes on orders over $50, enter your FedEx or UPS account # in the comment box at check out and use Coupon Code: FEDEX or UPS to remover the online shipping charge from your order.

Q: Can StateSurgicalSupply.com ship internationally?

A: Yes, we can ship internationally if we bill your DHL, FedEx or UPS account for shipping and you pay for the order with a bank wire transfer.  Enter your DHL, FedEx or UPS account # and your PO # in the comment box at checkout.  Select the "pay off-line method of payment and use coupon code: FEDEX or use coupon code: UPS or use coupon code: DHL   If your country is not set up as a ship to country on our site, please email us a request by way of our easy to use contact us link.

Q: Are items offered in more than one Unit of Measure?

A: Yes, we sell most items by the case or box, to search for all units of measure, enter the manufacturer's item code in our search box.

Q: Does State Surgical Supply offer financing?

A: Yes, we consider offering financing for monthly volume accounts in excess of $2,000, with approved credit. 

Q: What does "RX only - only available to Doctors" mean?

A: We are a wholesale pharmacy and can only sell RX items to MD Physicians.