Pre-Orders for PPE and infection control items


Supplies of germicidal products and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) have been focused on front line treatment.  Thankfully, germicidal and PPE manufacturers have transitioned to "War Mode" production levels to respond to the huge increase in demand.

Our company has a very robust medical supply pipeline that has served all levels of medical facilities, labs, and industrial companies for over 50 years.  Before the pandemic struck, we shipped over 95% of our orders complete within 24 hours.

Due to the germicidal products and PPE supply shortages we have begun accepting pre-orders for germicidal and PPE products so customers can get their order submitted to get in line to be filled, FOPFOS (First Order Placed, First Order Shipped).  Preorders must be paid for when the order is placed and cannot be canceled, returned and are not refundable, no exceptions. 

State Surgical Supply operates on extremely low profit margins to be an online low-price leader and have not increase profit margins on any items. During the national emergency, preordered items are subject to retroactive manufacturer price increases.  Due to the enormous increase in production and import cost, manufacturers have been forced to increase prices retroactively on items that have not shipped.      

If your preordered items are subject to a retroactive price increase you will be provided the opportunity to cancel the preorder item for a full refund or you can keep the order in place by agreeing to pay the additional cost.

To find those items on our site use search word “Preorder”.
We cannot provide a lead time on preorder germicidal and PPE items but when we notify customers that their pre-ordered germicidal and or PPE products shipped, they are thankful they placed their order when they did.  Most of the time they place another order for future needs.   
For the foreseeable future the way to procure FDA approved PPE (face mask, gowns, gloves & eye protection) and germicidal products is to place preorders. Currently when our daily truckload shipments arrive, all the PPE and germicidal items are already presold. This will continue to be the situation for several to many months until production catches up with the preorders.
The best way to get more products to more customers is to allocate / limit those items to just a one or a few cases of any one item per week.  Please respect that limit and place weekly orders if you need more than the allocated weekly limit.

What happens if a preordered item experiences a permanent or temporarily discontinuing of production?

Due to the COVID-19 impact some medical supply manufacturers are permanently or temporarily discontinuing the production of some of their items.  Reasons for discontinuation of a product ranges from companies condensing the product line so they can produce fewer but much larger production runs, inability to get raw materials or inability of a manufacturer to get production scheduled in China. If any of these or similar situations affects your order, you will be provided a choice to switch to an alternative product that is still in production or to be promptly refunded in full.

For our valued existing customers, we are not limiting preorder levels and are trying ship 100% of the product historical volume. Historical volumes are obtained by averaging all purchases from September 2019 – February 2020 for each product.

State Surgical Supply only offers authentic and certifiable manufacturer items. We have suspended large order discounts and export business for PPE and germicidal products.

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